Rivet: Q&A With Maurizio Donadi on Scaling an Upcycled Brand

Featured on Rivet on December 12, 2018.

"Rivet: In what ways is it working with vintage/dead stock fabrics a challenge? And in what way might it be inspiring?

MD: So far, we utilize fabrics as trims for repair, reinforcements and embellishment. The challenge in working with dead stock fabrics, whether vintage or modern, is naturally the limitation of availability. Therefore, our merchandising and engineering design process initiates with sourcing – and asking ourselves where and how to utilize our curated finds. You’re exactly on point that it is also inspiring because it encourages us to make decisions in a more discerning way and this passes on to the end consumer who knows that what he/she is looking at is truly unique."

Our mission is to not produce anything new, but instead transform what already exists. 

0% Production.
100% Transformation.