The New York Times: Upgrade These Basics

Featured on The New York Times on October 5, 2017.

The New York Times - Need a New Fall Look? Upgrade These Basics

“'The well-constructed Closed chino has acted as a white canvas for this experiment,' Mr. Donadi said. The resulting four styles include a cropped-and-tapered version and a wide-legged version. And all feature a hand-mended look, with patches and distress marks unique to each pair.

'In the fashion cycle, the chino may have come in and out of style, but for most people, the chino has remained a staple in their wardrobe for the past 70 years,' Mr. Donadi said. 'We are offering our own interpretation.'”


Our mission is to not produce anything new, but instead transform what already exists. 

0% Production.
100% Transformation.