Apparel and textile manufacturing is the second largest polluting global industry. This overproduction and accumulation of waste poses a threat to the health of our planet. 

Our purpose is to lead the movement of excess reduction in the apparel and textile industries by connecting creativity with sustainability.

Our approach is circular by reimagining what already exists thereby giving it a renewed life.

Our responsibility is to partner with innovative thinkers, brands, and manufacturers of sustainably made and sourced materials to scale the effort.

Our commitment is to build a viable, atypical business model that will continue to thrive as long as there is excess to work with.

Our ultimate goal is to go out of business, leaving behind a planet without waste.


Maurizio Donadi

As the driving creative force behind Atelier & Repairs, Maurizio has assembled a concept that creatively weaves his personal affinity for all things well-lived with his desire to reconcile the excess he has witnessed, and been a part of for 35-years, in apparel and textile industries.